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The combination of 3D, motion and effects isn't new but few do it right. CJ 4DPLEX are experts at creating dynamic rides and simulators for the attractions industry. From coin-operated thrill rides to large scale 4D theaters, we are guaranteed to have a product to match your needs.



  • 4DX to debut in Norway in March

    By CJ 4DPLEX on 2017-01-17

    Film Journal (January 16, 2017) CJ 4DPLEX has partnered with Nordisk Film Kino to bring its immersive 4DX theatre technology featuring moving seats and environmental effects to Norway for the first time. The newest 4DX site will be at the Ringen theatre in Oslo, with 140 4DX seats to be...

  • 4DX Finishes 2016 with Record 15 Million Movie-goers Grossing $200 Million at Worldwide Box Office

    By CJ 4DPLEX on 2017-01-02

    Pro Box Office (December 28, 2016) Seoul, South Korea and Los Angeles, CA (December 27, 2016) ? 4DX, the industry’s leading 4D-cinema technology, featuring motion seats and environmental effects, closed out a successful 2016 recording more than 15 million movie-goers and $200 million at the worl...