Delivering immersive premium experiences
that can’t be replicated at home

Immersive premium
experience that can’t be
replicated at home

c4dplex c4dplex
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US B&B Red Oak
270-degree panoramic ScreenX format

Aurum Theatre,
The Exchange TRX
One of the largest ScreenX within S.E.Asia

CGV Yeongdeungpo
The World’s First ScreenX PLF(Premium Large Format)

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PLF locations

US B&B Red Oak ScreenX.png
US B&B Red Oak ScreenX
France Kinepolis Nancy ScreenX.png
France Kinepolis Nancy ScreenX
Belgium Kinepolis Braine ScreenX.png
Belgium Kinepolis Braine ScreenX
Malaysia GSC TRX ScreenX.png
Malaysia GSC TRX ScreenX
Netherlands Kinepolis Enschede ScreenX.png
Netherlands Kinepolis Enschede ScreenX
France Kinepolis Bretigny ScreenX.png
France Kinepolis Bretigny ScreenX
Belgium Kinepolis Brussels ScreenX.png
Belgium Kinepolis Brussels ScreenX
US Regal Spotlight ScreenX.png
US Regal Spotlight ScreenX
Event cinemas Macarthur square.jpg
Event cinemas Macarthur square
109 Cinemas Tomiya.jpg
109 Cinemas Tomiya
Muvi cinemas Boulevard
United Cinemas Sapporo